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Productivity problems, waste, and inefficiencies can creep into good organizations, sometimes undetected.  Through innovative project management and continuous improvement methodolody, IMES provides sustainable solutions for your small business to fight back.  If your organization has a nagging problem, but you don't know exactly what it is or have the time to dig in, IME Solutions offers help.

Strategic Planning

  • Define opportunities

  • Facilitate strategic reviews

  • Develop and/or align company strategy

  • Align projects with strategy & values

  • Create specific, achievable goals

  • Agree upon metrics

  • Quantify business justification

Project Management

  • Charter development

  • Stakeholder evaluation

  • Communication planning

  • Project planning

  • Project execution

  • KPI measures/trending

  • Monitor & controlling

  • Commissioning & startup

  • Post-implementation reviews

  • Lessons learned

  • Close-out documentation

Continuous Improvement

  • Cut waste

  • Improve workflow

  • Increase throughput

  • Optimize resources (people/equipment)

  • Improve supply chain/logistics

  • Align with strategy

  • Set milestones

  • Collect meaningful data

  • Analyze results

  • Make performance visible

  • Celebrate success

  • Sustain improvement

Training Programs

  • Project management foundations

  • Continuous improvement principles

  • Waste reduction

  • Customized training to meet the specific needs of your organization

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